Color Correcting Primer


Product Features:

It only takes 30 seconds to create a natural 3D nude makeup effect. Using exclusive high-end makeup technology and nanotechnology ultra-color powder, only a small amount is needed to achieve beautifully balanced skin tone. A 3D highlighting effect is created according to ambient light. Besides, its excellent oxygen permeability helps skin pores maintain oxygen permeability without causing any discomfort.

    Instructions For Use:

    《Method 1》

    Press the product once to release a pearl-sized amount onto

    the palm of your hand after applying makeup base and before applying fluid foundation. Spread it evenly over the whole face by gently patting the face with your fingertips.

    Then apply makeup as you usual. Your face will be noticeably brightened.

    《Method 2》

    Enhance the 3D highlight effect and increase the 3D

    contour of your face by applying the product to

    the uneven color or facial feature areas of your face.

    《Method 3》

    Apply the product freely with the fluid foundation.

    It feels light, soft, smooth, and is both effectively moisturizing

    and highly replenishing to give your skin a more illuminating whiteness.


    Improve pale skin, enhance  facial complexion,

    and create a matte skin texture.

    Quick makeup method:

    mix the product with fluid foundation using a 3:1 ratio.

    (for a rosy complexion)


    Improve dull and yellowish skin,

    and brighten skin for a translucent look.

    Quick makeup method:

    mix the product with fluid foundation using a 3:1 ratio.

    (for brighter skin)


    After use, ensure the bottle is uncontaminated by closing the cap tightly.

    Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight or any hot and humid place to

    prevent water evaporation or deterioration.


    After opening, be sure to use it up within 12 months.

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