Triangular Eyebrow With Brush


Product Features:

The moderately firm pencil draws in eyebrows evenly and blends well without clumping to give your eyebrows natural and long-lasting color. Perfect triangular cutting of the pencil means you can still get perfect application even when the remaining color core of the pencil is short.

    Instructions For Use:

    Simple three steps: hook, fill, brush
    First use the spiral eyebrow brush gently after finishing the eyebrows to confirm the eyebrow position.
    Mei Feng location is usually located in the pupil of the outer edge of the extension line, or gently eyebrows, can also be very simple to find where the eyebrows.
    Hook: the use of eyebrow pencil tip, from the eyebrows began to depict, gently outline the outline of the frame to the eyebrow.
    Fill: the use of eyebrow pencil side, gently and carefully fill the eyebrows, eyebrows thick brow light, Mei Wei Department can not be lower than the brow.
    Brush: Finally, once again use the spiral eyebrow brush gently finishing eyebrow type, brush it can be evenly.

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