Shining Cushion Foundation SPF50 ★★★


Product Features:

A long-lasting foundation with sunscreen that smoothes your skin and provides a luminous glow to create a natural look that appears to have no makeup. Lightening, Sun Protection, Moisturizing, Refining, Anti-sweat, and Soothing - Six-in-One This summer, the newly innovated "cyber white anti-dark technology" brings together the six desirable benefits of lightening, sun protection, moisturizing, refining, anti-sweat, and soothing into a single foundation. The new concept of F.O.X Shining Cushion Foundation feels fresh and smooth on your skin, while its thinner and lighter coverage provides concealing and pore modification to create smooth, flawless skin. F.O.X Shining Cushion Foundation uses "soft-focus, water-coated, elastic powder" in order to refract ambient light 360°, equalize blemishes for all skin tones, and make skin appear soft, smooth, and with a natural glow. The "water-coated powder" technology coves the powder with a protective lay

    Instructions For Use:

    Gently apply to skin for 30 seconds and then you’re ready for makeup.

    After performing basic facial care, gently press the special sponge inside the product to release

    the perfect amount of F.O.X Shining Cushion Foundation. Gently dab the sponge onto the skin

    until the foundation is fully blended (Image 1). According to your personal preference,

    use setting powder or compact foundation to present a different makeup look.

    You may repeatedly apply the foundation to a specific area to improve coverage (Image 2).

    If your skin requires denser and stronger coverage, apply

    F.O.X Completely Concealer Plat before using F.O.X Shining Cushion Foundation.

    《BF01 Natural》

    Beautify your original skin color. Suitable for normal to

    healthy skin complexion for a natural and healthy skin complexion.

    《BF02 Purple》

    Improve yellowish and dull skin, brighten, and whiten skin, and make skin softer.

    F.O.X Shining Cushion Foundation can be applied at any point during the day.

    Frequent application will not create a thick or uneven skin tone and will

    actually strengthen its sunscreen and moisturizing effects.



    After use, make sure to return the lid and seal tightly. Do not place in an area where it will be exposed to sunlight or high humidity in order to prevent damage to the contents or evaporation.



    Use within 12 months of opening and clean the sponge regularly to prevent damage to the contents.。

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