High Definition Foundation Primer


Product Features:

With softening and light refraction technologies, the product can effectively improve fine lines and deeper wrinkles, immediately conceal pores, wrinkles, and other flaws of the skin. Contains royal jelly, ceramide , collagen, and other premium health enriching ingredients linked at a molecular level that act as a makeup base for longer lasting makeup.

    Instructions For Use:


    Basic skin care→F.O.X High Definition Foundation Primer→Makeup base→Foundation

    Apply a small amount (about the size of 2-3 rice grains) of the product to the whole face. Too much product may make the skin too greasy and cause discomfort.

    ■Lift skin under eyes: Apply the product from the outer edge

    of the eyes to the inner corner 3-4 times.

    For those with bags under eyes, apply the product from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer edge 3-4 times.

    ■Face lift:

    Apply the product from the corners of the

    mouth upward in a 45-degree angle

    toward the temples repetitively 3-4 times.

    ■Eliminating uneven skin on the nose:

    Apply the product downwards from the top of the nose to the bottom 3-4 times.

    ■Eliminating pores and acne: Apply the product by drawing circles from the top of the nose downwards and to both sides. Those with large pores can apply the product by drawing circles.


    After use, ensure the bottle is uncontaminated by closing the cap tightly.

    Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight or any hot and

    humid place to prevent water evaporation or deterioration.


    After opening the container, be sure to use it up within 12 months.

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